Meet Chelsea                      200 HR Certified Yoga Instructor

I am a Little Rock native, a mother of 3 daughters, and wife. I enjoy life's simplest gifts and always look forward to laughing.

I am trained and certified by Bright Spark Living, a local Yoga Teacher Training founded here in Little Rock Arkansas, and have plans to continue my education in more specified areas. I believe one is forever a student of yoga, there is no perfection in the practices.

When you come to me to begin your practice you can expect a personalized approach. Although I believe yoga is for every(body,) I do not believe that there is a one size fits all practice. We will take the time to assess your physical needs, as well as your mental and spiritual needs if that is something you are seeking as well.

Yoga and general and my practice especially does not ascribe to any religious belief or system, therefore your personal practice can be applied in the way that best suits you.

My approach is very beginner friendly, unless otherwise expressed I will lead you in practice as if you have never stepped foot into a single yoga experience. I want to make sure that you know and understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and the proper safe way to do it. I have time and patience for every question and/or suggestion, because I am here to serve you.


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