Our Approach

As healthcare professionals, our focus is your wellbeing. It is your responsibility to know how you feel, how you want to feel, and what you want your life to look like and our commitment to help you attain those goals.  Everyone's journey is different and at Massage Arkansas we celebrate those individual experiences and strive to help you on your path.

Meet Jessica Tolliver, MMT, MMP, RYT

Level 4 Therapist

Hello!  My name is Jessica.  I am a very active mother of two.  I enjoy Hiking, Cycling, & Yoga. I believe in taking care of the mind, body & soul.

I self-trained in massage in my early 20's by reading books and practicing on friends.  Later I enrolled in Massage School at Touching America School Of Massage in 2014, so I could formally follow my passion.

My personal testimonial to Massage Therapy began a year before I enrolled in school. I had a knee injury which resulted in surgery. I went from a very active lifestyle to bed-ridden for a month.  Although I did my prescribed physical therapy, my muscles atrophied.

Once I got back on my feet, and was released to do so, I began the climb back into fitness.  This was met with great resistance from my body.  Nearly a year after the surgery I could barely walk, experiencing excruciating pain in my hip. This became almost debilitating.

I eventually consulted an orthopedic surgeon, who recommended a highly invasive surgery.  Determined to avoid the knife a second time, I consulted my fellow students and instructors at school. After a single deep tissue session I was nearly pain free.  After three, I was completely pain free.

I always believed massage was good for relaxation, improved circulation and overall well-being.  And now I know first-hand that it is also healing.

Although I am committed to continuing my studies into different modalities, I am primarily intuitive in my work. I listen to the client and I also listen to the body.  More times than not, the muscles will tell me what they need.

A lot of my work is based on Eastern Philosophy and I also back this up with Western science. I believe in finding a balance between the two. I bring positive energy, a variety of modalities and a strong knowledge of the anatomy to each session.

When the Arkansas Massage Board was absorbed by the Arkansas Department of Health in 2015, I was appointed to the Massage Therapy Technical Advisory Committee (MTTAC)  In 2018 I was reappointed for a second 3 year term and currently hold the position of Chairman .  It is this way I am able to help therapists throughout Arkansas improve our field.

In 2017, through advanced continuing education efforts, my license was upgraded to Master Massage Therapist, MMT. In 2017 I also received my MMP, Medical Massage Practitioner certification.  In 2019 I became a certified Yoga Instructor.

I teach community workshops around Arkansas in Stretching and Partnered Stretching because I believe self care is just as important as any other therapy.

I also teach continuing education classes to other massage therapists. My mission is to raise the bar for Massage Therapy in Arkansas.


Meet Tricia Atkins, LMT

Level 2 Therapist

Hello!  My name is Tricia.  I am an animal lover, runner and competitive shooter. I raise horses and love my fur-babies with all my heart.

I have always been passionate about helping others and that love took me into medical research.  I love to learn and always strive to do my best work so I excelled in this field.

Although I loved my research I knew it wasn't enough so in 2016 I enrolled in the Milan Institute for Massage and became a Licensed Massage Therapist.

I worked part time at a spa but where I really felt complete was when I worked with the Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball team.

I knew then that being able to help the players recover and avoid injury was my calling.

My "day job" transferred me to the CDC in Atlanta and then to another facility in Arkansas.  Through this time I never stopped loving massage.  I continued to take continuing education classes and looked for a way into fulfilling my path.

When I came to Arkansas I was introduced to Jessica with Massage Arkansas due to an injury I had been battling for years.  I had torn one of my quads while working cattle with my family, and although it was repaired and reattached, it wasn't the same.  Jessica helped me find my mobility and become pain free.

It was then that my dreams seemed possible.  I began training in the Massage Arkansas mission to help people with pain mitigation, mobility and overall wellness.  In 2020 I transferred my active license to Arkansas and began working full time as a massage therapist.

I have trained in stretch therapies, myofascial release and massage cupping among others.  My research background has given me a strong foundation in kinesiology and I use that, along with my healing  heart to help my clients find their mobility and become pain free.

Let's Work Together For Your Health

I believe that everyone can benefit from massage.  I also believe that every type of massage is not for everyone.  Schedule on line or send us a note and set an appointment today.  Together we can develop a personal treatment plan customized for you.