Meet Denise Laster: LMT, CPT, and certified Neufit & FSM Practitioner

With nearly 20 years of experience as a certified fitness instructor and specialties in pelvic floor, mobility of the aging population, and Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapies, Denise brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and treatment options to her massage therapy clients.

Denise’s career began as a certified personal and group

fitness instructor straight after graduating with a MA in Health & Human Performance from UHCL. She worked for 3 years at Arkansas Sports Medicine until she became a stay-at-home mom for 12 years. She was recruited to enter back into the fitness world in 2010 and started teaching and specializing in the over 65 year old population after realizing their ability to perform daily activities was far greater than how they were performing in life. She became passionate about helping them become more agile with greater strength and balance and has gained a strong following in her group fitness classes.

In 2018, Denise discovered that many of her older clients, as well as herself, were dealing with pelvic floor issues. When she learned that it was preventable if caught early enough Denise began educating herself from some of the top pelvic floor therapists locally and nationally to learn how to help prevent and/or stop this from happening. In 2022 she completed her certification as a pro pelvic floor exercise therapist with Core Exercise Solutions. This was going to be her new future.

However, simultaneously in 2018, Denise began working with a local trainer that specializes in Neufit direct current therapies. It was with this training that she began going down her rabbit hole of learning how to use electricity to help heal injuries. A few years later she was introduced to the world of Frequency Specific Microcurrent and Dr Carol McMakin and her world was forever changed. This led Denise to want to have her own practice. However, this required her to need a license to use the electrical equipment. Physical or massage therapy were her two choices. When she heard that the multi-talented, Jessica Tolliver was opening up a school, Master Massage Learning Institute, that would teach massage therapy focusing on pain and injury management, Denise knew she’d found the right fit . Denise signed up immediately as her first student and graduated in January of 2023. By April Denise was an LMT and Jessica brought her on as a welcomed addition to Massage Arkansas/CAM.

With the combination of these direct current therapies and her skills as a fitness trainer and massage therapist, Denise has found her niche in helping people get out of pain and function better in life. Give her a try!