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Therapeutic Session

We recommend clients schedule a 90 minute session when possible. This give you time to go through the therapeutic protocol and still have time for general relaxation at the end. This whole-listic apporach to wellness is what sets our services apart from the competition.

Ashiatsu Session

If you like deep tissue, this is what your life has been missing.  Ashiatsu is not someone walking on your back, it is a specific sequence of moves performed with the therapist's feet and the weight of their body to provide long, luxurious compression strokes to the full body.

Body Wellness

Body wellness doesn't stop when you leave The Center; it is a way of living each day.  At Massage Arkansas we know that reaching your goals is going to take a combination of efforts to maximize results.  Teaching self care is just as important as any scheduled session.


Massage is more than creams & oils

When most people think of Massage they think of the traditional Swedish Massage: table, cream or oil, and a full body relaxing session.  While that can be accurate, Massage can be so much more. Your therapist may use any number of a number of modalities to achieve the desired goals. Picture yourself being able to look over your shoulder, walk up stairs or pick up your child without pain.  That is the difference between Masasge and Therapeutic Massage.

Beyond the table

Our services are non-traditional in that we look at how we can address your specific needs, not what we can do on the table.  At Massage Arkansas we use a hydraulic table, a stable chair and even a floor mat in addition to various pillows and bolsters.  Our bodywork room allows us to choose the most comfortable and efficient surface to address your individual areas of concern.


Schedule a Session

Sessions are by appointment only so schedule yours today.  Isn't it time you had a massage that didn't just feel good, it worked?