The Importance of Continuing Education in Massage Therapy

Massage therapy, like every field, has evolved over the years.  As early as the 1700’s in colonial times, “rubbers” were the equivalent to today’s massage therapists, being experts in treating orthopedic problems with manual therapy.

While massage has, sometimes, been associated with non-healthcare application, the bulk of the modern massage therapists practice manual therapy as a way to reduce stress, reduce pain, improve mobility, and improve overall health.

Not only do new techniques improve the therapist, taking continuing education (CE) classes helps to validate the overall profession as a necessary component of the healthcare field.

Additionally, innovations in technology affect the massage therapy industry and staying on top of best practices is necessary to provide safe, effective and high-quality healthcare to clients.

While there are minimum in-classroom hours necessary for license renewal, there are thousands of hours of on-line training accessible to help further your practice. Virtual learning is a great way to sample different techniques before investing in certification.

Not only does knowing different techniques help the individual practice, but a therapist that has an understanding of techniques they do not use will help them understand and educate their clients from a place of knowledge and elevate trust.