Arkansas Department of Health Approved Continuing Education Courses

Bodywork Classes - In Person

Thai Fusion - Prone 6hr CE 2017-013

Thai Fusion - Supine 6hr CE 2017-015

Thai Fusion - Side Lying 6hr CE 2017-014

Thai Fusion - Seated 6hr CE 2017-016

Scar Therapy for the Massage Therapist 8hr CE 2018-055

Thai Fusion - Table 8hr CE

Thai Fusion - Therapeutic Sequencing 9hr CE 2018-040

Ashi Fusion 18hr CE 2020-010

Scar 2: Advanced Scar Management 6hr CE 2020-012

Business Classes - In Person

Intro to Digital Marketing for the Massage Therapist 6hr CE 2017-017

Digital Marketing 2: Followers, Fans, Likes & Shares 3hr CE 2020-002

On-Line Classes

Anatomy of Scar Tissue 4hr CE 2020-011


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