What Is Ashiatsu?

The word Ashiatsu stems from the Japanese words "ashi" which translates to foot and "atsu" meaning pressure; so Ashiatsu is literally "foot pressure".

At Massage Arkansas, we offer the deepest, most relaxing, massage you will ever experience.

We have combined ancient forms of Cavutti Thirumal, modern Ashiatsu, and myofascial work to create a, truly, unique experience.

ashi neck 2
Ashi low back

Although most practitioners stand on the massage table, and they walk around you, we perform this massage on a thick floor mat.  (The mat is heated for your comfort.) We use four overhead bars to aide in balance as we apply deep, even, pressure over the entire body.

We use a custom blended essential oil enhanced oil that is also warmed for an even more luxurious experience.

The pressure begins light to apply the oil, then slowly deepens as the massage progresses.

We maintain professional pedicures to ensure the softest skin to apply the strokes.

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Sessions are 90 minutes in length and include both prone & supine positions (face down & face up).

Your comfort is important to us so, while we encourage disrobing to your level of comfort, we use a large heavy towel for adequate draping.

Ashiatsu is an incredibly unique experience that words cannot fully explain.  If you have any questions, we are happy to help but to really understand, you need to experience it.