Hold yourself accountable with one of our convenient subscription plans.

Wellness Warrior


Take your self care to the max with 6 (six) 30-min sessions per month with Trish.  These can be used individually or combined to make longer appointments; bundle to get three hour long sessions or two 90 minute sessions.

Unused sessions roll over for up to three months and you can cancel at any time.

This is a $300 value for just $189!

Healthy Hero


We recommend, at minimum, monthly sessions for general maintenance and you can get a one-hour session each month with Trish for just $69.  That is a savings of $11.

But there is more!  You also get 10% off any additional bodywork with Trish you want to schedule - No Limit!  What better incentive to get in twice a month or even weekly!

Life Simple


If you want the convenience of a subscription without having to choose, let us securely put your card on file with Square and skip the checkout.

Just schedule your next session and enjoy the rest of your day. Your receipt will be automatically emailed to you.

There are no additional fees to use this service.